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Thyrohyoid Membrane

The thyrohyoid membrane or hyothyroid membrane is a broad, fibro-elastic layer, attached below to the upper border of the thyroid cartilage and to the front of its superior cornu, and above to the upper margin of the posterior surface of the body and greater cornua of the hyoid bone, thus passing behind the posterior surface of the body of the hyoid, and being separated from it by a mucous bursa, which facilitates the upward movement of the larynx during deglutition. It is the largest unpaired cartilage of the larynx. It is formed by a right and a left lamina that are separated posteriorly and joined together at an acute angle in the anterior midline, forming the laryngeal prominence, commonly known as the Adam’s apple. The laryngeal prominence is more apparent in men, because the angle between the 2 laminae is more acute in men (90°) than in women (120°). Its middle thicker part is termed the middle hyothyroid ligament (ligamentum hyothyreoideum medium; middle thyrohyoid ligament), its lateral thinner portions are pierced by the superior laryngeal vessels and the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve. Its anterior surface is in relation with the Thyreohyoideus, Sternohyoideus, and Omohyoideus, and with the body of the hyoid bone.