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Phalanges Foot

The phalanges of the foot are the bones in the toes. They correspond, in number and general arrangement, with those of the hand; there are two in the big toe, and three in each of the other toes. They differ from them, however, in their size, the bodies being much reduced in length, and, especially in the first row, laterally compressed. In anatomy, phalanx bones (plural phalanges) are those that form the toes and the fingers. In primates such as humans and monkeys, the two thumbs and two big toes have two phalanges, and the other fingers and toes have three phalanges. They are also classified as long bones. The phalanges do not have individual names. They are named for the digit they represent and their relative location from the center of the body (proximal or distal). Proximal phalanges are closest to the main part of the hand or foot and articulate with the metacarpals of the hand or metatarsals of the foot. Middle or intermediate phalanges are between the distal and proximal. The thumb and big toe do not have middle phalanges. Distal phalanges are at the tips of the fingers and toes. The term phalanx or phalanges refers to an ancient Greek army formation in which soldiers stand side by side, several rows deep, like an arrangement of fingers or toes.