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Left Brachiocephalic

The left brachiocephalic vein, is longer and larger than the right, being about 7 1/2 centimeters (3 inches) in length, and passes from left to right behind the sternal end of the left clavicle, the manubrium, the sterno-hyoid and sterno-thyroid muscles, the remains of the thymus gland, and the process of the deep cervical fascia continuous with the pericardium. It crosses the left subclavian and left common carotid arteries, the trachea, and the brachiocephalic artery, as well as the left vagus, left phrenic, and cardiac nerves to unite with the right brachiocephalic and form the superior vena cava. It is posterior to the thymus, sternothyroid and sternohyoid muscles and the manubrium; anterior to the left common carotid and brachiocephalic arteries, trachea and pretracheal fascia which is behind and between the arteries; and superior to the aortic arch.