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Distal Phalanges

In anatomy, phalanx bones (plural phalanges) are bones that form the skeleton of the toes and the fingers. Proximal phalanges are closest to the main part of the foot and articulate with the metatarsals of the foot. Distal phalanges are at the tips of the toes. The first one is much larger than the lateral four. Distal phalanges shape the nails of a human foot. A toe distal phalanx is smaller than a finger phalanx. Also, the toe phalanges are flattened on the top and come with a larger end in order for them to fit and support the nail. Articulations The distal phalanges articulate with the corresponding phalanx proximal to it. The articulations between the proximal and distal phalanges in the thumb and big toe are known simply as interphalangeal joints. The articulation between the middle phalanges and distal phalanges is known as the distal interphalangeal joint.