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Circulatory System of Legs

The circulatory system of legs is placed in the circulatory system of the lower extremities. Anterior and posterior tibial arteries travel the entire length of the leg, then; they terminate in the feet where smaller branches supply the feet with blood. Dorsalis pedis artery supplies the foot, lateral to the large tendon of the big toe. Popliteal artery is continuation of the femoral artery, the chief artery of the thigh, at about the knee, that branches to supply the legs and feet. Venous return that drains the top of the foot. The femoral vein is a blood vessel that accompanies the femoral artery in the femoral sheath. It begins at the adductor canal (also known as Hunter's canal) and is a continuation of the popliteal vein. It ends at the inferior margin of the inguinal ligament, where it becomes the external iliac vein. The posterior tibial vein of the lower limb carries blood from the posterior compartment and plantar surface of the foot to the popliteal vein which it forms when it joins with the anterior tibial vein.